Mastering Touch

2 CEUs - NCBTMB approved - $67

Be a healthy professional to keep your practice healthy!

Through this home-study course, you will learn how to take care of your body and how to incorporate useful techniques into your daily routine. You will explore three topics, each one containing an explanatory video. The videos focus on Body-Mechanics, Yoga, and Myofascial Release using a foam roller.

After signing up, you will receive a digital course manual. Additional tutoring is available with Charlotte and we're always available by email to answer your questions. You will also become a member of our community, which will give you exclusive opportunities for ongoing new tools.

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Mastering Touch is a proud NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education Provider (#1000044).

Self-Care Techniques For Bodyworkers

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Integrated Bodywork Library

Unlimited VOD Access - $7.77 / month

Mastering Touch has developed a diverse and intimately intuitive approach to Massage Therapy. Our teachings are inspired by numerous talented mentors. We understand all modalities have their time and place.

Our ultimate goal is to empower our fellow practitioners and inspire a more hands-on, holistic and heartfelt approach to Health & Wellness. That's why we offer beneficial tools through live demonstrations and educational videos. All the recordings are now accessible in the Integrated Bodywork Library™. With hours of valuable content already available and more videos being constantly created, you'll always have new material to review.

Let Mastering Touch help you master your trade and grow your practice; join our advanced community and start developing unique skills now!

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Soon Available

IMTA™ Fundamentals Compression Stretching

6 CEUs - $97

IMTA™ Fundamentals Myofascial Work

6 CEUs - $97

We're working hard to offer meaningful CEUs!

Because we know that it can be challenging to attend a scheduled class and / or to travel to get CEUs, we're designing more courses that you'll be able to follow at your own pace. You'll learn all the techniques that we show during our IMTA™ (Integrated Multi-Modality Therapeutic Approach) workshops, and so much more! 

IMTA™ Fundamentals Deep Tissue

6 CEUs - $97

IMTA™ Fundamentals Active / Passive Stretching

6 CEUs - $97

IMTA™ Advanced Hip Complex

6 CEUs - $97

IMTA™ Advanced Shoulder Complex

6 CEUs - $97

IMTA™ Fundamentals Bundle

24 CEUs - $357

IMTA™ Advanced Hip & Shoulder Bundle

12 CEUs - $177

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Empowering Massage Professionals through videos!

We're advocates for affordable education. That's why we share valuable videos on YouTube and social media, as well as host free webinars.

We're building a community of healthy and effective Bodywork professionals!

We believe that we should always look to explore and keep an ongoing educational approach. We want to share our knowledge, and we'll always support our colleagues through useful content. Don't wait, become a member now!

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What Our Students Say About Us

"Woow, this library is so useful! I'm usually working when you offer your webinars and I like practicing on my wife before I use any technique on my clients. All the videos are very advanced and I'm really able to learn new techniques. The other day, a client congratulated me on a technique you showed for carpal tunnel." Robert

"Thank you for sharing on Facebook! I was looking to learn more about Myofascial Massage and your videos helped me a lot. I tested the principles on a client who had diffused lower back pain and they were satisfied!" Tori

"I've had big issues with my body mechanics and after 20 years of practice, I start to have back pain. I'm glad I took this self-care course, it's simple enough for me to commit to small changes in my life. I also appreciate that you took the time to answer my questions by email." Joey